Blend Your Own Gin

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Blend Your Own Gin
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Join Jon & Sarah Lark to blend your own Gin in this popular hands-on experience.

Start with a brief introduction of what’s in Gin and why.

We will then explain how you can blend their own Gin using the separate distillates we provide.

With a basic formula as a guide, start to taste/smell separate distillates then have a go at mixing your own.

Botanical distillates provided include a range from :

Juniper          Coriander seed          Angelica Root

Lime,             Orange                       Lemon

Ginger           Pepper                       Cassia

Cardamom   Aniseed Myrtle            Lemon Mrytle

Finish with enough of your own gin to make a G & T and fill a 200ml bottle to take home.

This experience was a sellout 'Share Session' during 2014 Tasting Australia- Bootleging and Botanicals.

This event takes approx. one hour and can be held on KI or at your location.

For further information and pricing, contact Kis.

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