• Old Tom Gin and the Origins Gin Palace.

    Had a great night at the Tasting Australia Origins Dinner.
    The Old Tom Gin we made for the night was a hit and we soon ran out of the doz and half bottles .
    Aged for only two months in a small reconditioned 40lt cask this blend of
    our Wild and O gins with the addition of a little Lemon and Aniseed myrtles and a dash of sugar. Very quaffable and our lovely friends from bespoke helped get the word out providing the crowd the crowd with Pennies and Halfpennies.....a few poor wretches could only aford a gin soaked rag! Drunk of a penny, dead drunk for two. Straw for free.
    We have a few bottles of this very limited release left and are deciding what to do with them..?
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