This masterclass has been designed by Jon and Sarah Lark who established Australia’s first boutique gin distillery in 2006. It is a unique experience that will allow you to delve into the fascinating world of gin. We have a range of traditional and native botanical distillates that you can select from to create your very own 200 ml bottle of gin. Your gin education and blending session will be instructed by, Jon or Sarah Lark. These classes will be held at Kangaroo Island Spirits Distillery, 856 Playford Hwy, Cygnet River SA 5223.

The masterclass takes about 2 hrs and includes:

  • A brief history of gin and why we are passionate about gin.
  • The supply of all single botanical distillates, blending and measurement equipment.
  • Guidance on how to blend your very own unique gin.
  • 200ml bottle of your blended unique gin to take home plus 50ml to enjoy the fruits of your labour in a G&T.
  • Also enjoy a tasting of Kis products at the cellar door.

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Bespoke Gin Blending Masterclass

Saturday 15th April

This is an experience not to be missed by gin lovers!

$105.00 per person.

Have Jon & Sarah Lark share their passion for all things Gin and host your next corporate or private event. Start the evening with a classic Kis Gin & Tonic.

These sessions can include a range of experiences including

  • Improve your knowledge of Gin aromas, an introduction to identify the key aromas and flavours found in Gins.
  • Hear brief History of Gin from early ‘proto gins’ (1500’s) century by century to modern day ‘New World Gins’.
  • The History of Tonic and quinine.
  • Look at types of Gin and the different production processes.
  • Sample an evolution of Gins.(Genever, Old Tom gin, Cordial gin, London Dry, New World gin.
  • Or Sample some leading Gins – in a blind tasting or sample an evolution of Gins (Genever, Old Tom gin, Cordial gin, London Dry, New World gin.
  • Through practical exploration, develop an understanding of common Gin elements/aroma’s through nosing and other enhancement methods.
  • An introduction to some Australian Gins – tasting,nosing.

Extra Information

We can host these sessions anywhere and shape the content to suit the length of the session and the size of the audience.

Alternatively book a private session at the cellar door next time you visit (pre- bookings are essential) Contact us for specific details and to discuss further.