About Us

Kangaroo Island Spirits specialising in handcrafted premium Australian Spirits, is South Australia's original boutique distillery. Known as KIS, the company is a Craft distillery and our award winning  Gin, Vodka and Liqueurs are all produced at our Distillery on Kangaroo Island.
We produce our products with a philosophy of ‘Slow Spirits’ a phrase derived to describe spirits made in a style similar to ‘slow food’ ie; using
high-quality fresh local and seasonal ingredients, being prepared with care, produced passionately, and made using traditional processes and recipes.
There are no oils added to our spirits.
Our Cellar door provides a memorable opportunity for visitors to taste our products, absorb the islands culture and hospitality, and enjoy one of the islands 'must see' experiences. Whilst there, try a signature affogato, or our exceptional coffee, absorb rustic charm, spirit history and quirky atmosphere.

It is our goal to continue to develop the business  and improve the production processes towards carbon neutral and environmentally sustainable practices.
We prioritise integrity and quality in our product and the relationship we have with our customers. As we continue to improve our reputation as a high-end spirit producer, we strongly stand behind 'Quality before quantity'.
Our high quality products are clean, additive and preservative free and are where possible, made using Native Australian Botanicals and locally grown or sourced ingredients.
Although our entire range is exceptional and premium, Kangaroo Island Spirits Wild Gin is our passion, is a proudly unique Australian Gin made in very small batches, in a small copper pot still with native Juniper. Now internationally multi-award winning, it is becoming a recognised label and sought after premium Australian Gin.
To Contact KIS use the tab on the left of the screen or:  ph:     08 8553 9211

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