Gin Masterclass

Have Jon & Sarah Lark share their passion for all things Gin and host your next corporate or private event. Start the evening with a classic Kis Gin & Tonic!

These sessions can include a range of experiences including: 

  • Improve your knowledge of Gin aromas, an introduction to identify the key aromas and flavours found in Gins.
  • Hear brief History of Gin from early ‘proto gins’ (1500’s) century by century
  • to modern day ‘New World Gins’.
  • The History of Tonic and quinine.
  • Look at types of Gin and the different production processes.
  • Sample an evolution of Gins.(Genever, Old Tom gin, Cordial gin, London Dry, New World gin.
  • Or Sample some leading Gins – in a blind tasting or sample an evolution of Gins (Genever, Old Tom gin, Cordial gin, London Dry, New World gin.
  • Through practical exploration, develop an understanding of common Gin
  • elements/aroma’s through nosing and other enhancement methods.
  • An introduction to some Australian Gins – tasting, nosing.

 We can host these sessions anywhere and shape the content to suit the length of the session and the size of the audience. Alternatively, book a private session at the cellar door next time you visit (pre- bookings are essential)

CONTACT US for specific details and to discuss further.