Wild Gin Serving Suggestions

Serving Suggestions

G & T

Us a Copa glass with loads of ice and premium Tonic (our choice is Fevertree Mediterranean). The tonic should be 3 or 4 parts to gin. Garnish with:

  1. Tart, fresh green apple and star anise
  2. Fresh or dried strawberries and lemon thyme or a pinch of ground pepper
  3. Fresh peach and basil

As a Gimlet

15mls brown lime cordial, 15 mls lime juice and 30 mls part Gin on ice.

As a simple 'Old Fashion' use 1 teaspoon of sugar dissolved in a dash of bitters, (alternative use Sugar syrup with a dash of apple juice). Fill the glass with ice and stir in 60 mls of gin. Serve with thin slices of green apples.