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Pure Vodka

From the purest island imaginable. The purest vodka possible.

A vodka from Kangaroo Island could only reflect the purity of this wild and untouched land. Clean and crisp, this vodka is made from sustainable grape spirit for lifted floral notes. Perfect with a soda a lime on in our favourite cocktail

Pure Vodka

Grape Spirit

Pure Vodka

Our Pure Vodka, continues to garner awards, accolades, and acclaim.

Tasting Australia Spirits Awards
Silver Medal
International Spirits Competition
Bronze Medal

Pure Vodka

Harden Up Lemonade


45ml Pure Vodka
60ml fresh lemon juice
20ml sugar syrup
Angostura bitters
Top with mineral water

Garnish with lemon slices and mint


Shake Pure Vodka, lemon juice and sugar syrup in a cocktail shaker then strain into a tall glass filled with ice. Top with mineral water. Add a dash of bitters, and garnish.

Pure Vodka

Whilst we honour the traditional craft of distilling, adhering to age old approaches, we do so in a contemporary way, in order to truly bring to life the unique spirit, flavours and botanicals found here on this most unique of islands.

We craft our spirits, with an honest and enduring dedication to all that surrounds us, and we do so every step of the way. Our craft begins with the finest local botanicals, foraged for and grown, right here on the Island. The essence of the Island itself is the very foundation for every drop we distil. Being so connected to the land that surrounds us, the bounty it provides, the inspiration it delivers, drives us to continually perfect our craft, in honour of this place, in order to share the very spirit of it, with the world at large.

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