Nocino - Liquore di Noci

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Nocino - Liquore di Noci
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Nocino is a sticky dark brown digestif  liqueur made  from unripe, green walnuts. Popular in the Emilia-Romagna region of Northern Italy, it was originally made by monks for medicinal purposes.


After steeping for several months in premium SA spirit, the nuts are gently hand pressed and the now black spirit is sweetened.


Its aromatic bitter-sweet flavour is great with dessert or at the end of a meal.


Serving Suggestions


Traditionally served neat as a digestif.

Kis Nocino Negroni

15 ml Kis Nocino
30 ml Kis Wild Gin
30 ml Campari
Stirred with ice
Served on rocks with orange twist or orange sorbet


Kis Espresso Martini

15 ml Kis Nocino 
30 ml Kis Pure Vodka
10 ml Maple Syrup

30 ml Espresso Coffee

Shake with ice and serve in martini glass with grated dark chocolate




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