Mulberry Gin

Mulberry Gin

A premium seasonal gin made in the style of English sloe gin, supplanting hand-picked local mulberries in place of the traditional sloe’s. Local mulberries are steeped in the gin, then pressed by hand, final steps include light filtering before bottling. Naturally sweet, rich and smooth mulberry flavours that distinguish this elegant gin. Popular in many Australian Cocktail bars.


Serving Suggestions

Delicious served with a spicy ginger beer and garnished with lemon. in a Basil smash with fresh basil, sugar syrup & lemon juice top with soda water. 

A summer cocktail is a mulberry gin fizz - mulberry gin, fresh lemon juice, bitter lemon or soda and garnish with: fresh berries, mint or basil.


Tasting Notes

Deep dark plum red.

Plummy Mulberries, coriander seed

dry fruit, light mint, citrus.

naturally tart and slightly sweet

short juniper, fruity sweet and sour